Auto Photo Correction plugin for photographers

Still Wasting Hours In Editing? Try Auto Photo Correction

Auto photo correction is the NO.1 reason for people to get a photo editor on the computer. Thus, a variety of photo editing plugins or software are poured into the market. However, people still cannot tell which one is the best one or the most suitable one for them. Today, you’ll clear all your doubts. We are shedding light on auto photo correction and its benefits and which are the best plugins and software.

Auto Photo Correction plugin

We’ve all been there. You’ve got your camera. It’s a perfect day. A great photo opportunity presents itself. You remember all the basic rules of photography, and you get an excellent shot. It’s only later that you discover that the shot was overlit, underlit, the flash gave one of the people in the picture has a red-eye or even that some jerk photobombed the shot.

Back in the day, there wouldn’t be much you could do to change the situation. You’d have to chalk it up to experience and hope that the next time you were out taking pictures all went according to plan. Today auto photo correction is an answer which has erased the act of manual photo editing to cleaning up your photo and making it perfect once again.

The birth of the Auto Photo Correction Software

Technology advances have changed the way we do things and the way we view the world. The use of auto photo-editing plugin or software allows the user to manipulate and sometimes completely change photos. With these types of plugins software, a digital image is touched up for a subtle change, or it can totally overhaul an entirely different photo.

Auto Photo Correction plugin actions

Many Windows and Mac computer programs have photo editing tools that come standard with the program. Windows has the primary Paint tool, a helpful program called Picture And Fax Viewer, and a few other updated programs for editing photos, Photo Gallery being the most popular.

Photo Gallery allows the user to perform such tasks as adjust the brightness and colour of the photos, as well as eliminate red-eye. Although the aforementioned photo editing programs are sufficient enough to do a good job, they are stressful and take time. It’s due to the use of manual photo editing techniques, there are times when they need extra editing power.

That’s where auto photo correction plugin/software or photo editing software come into play.

Each brand of professional auto software offers a unique and enhanced experience in photo editing features and abilities. One of the most recognisable names in photo editing is the perfectly clear software by Athentech.

Think about shooting on a bright sunny morning; based on where you concentrate, you may get a real blue sky together with your subject totally within the shadow with little to no depth or large white chaos within the background, with your subject completely revealed.

Today each camera available differs in the way the lighting is taken and moved into an electronic format, with a few being better than others. This transformation results in distortions within the final picture which you notice on your screen. What has a tendency to occur is you get home and add your photos only to visit a large disconnection between everything you saw inside your head to that which you notice in your monitor. Pictures may seem smooth or dim, the colour is down, and the shade isn’t very right, and there’s no general “wow” element; they don’t “pop” while as the tired saying goes.

Perfectly Clear 2.0

Auto Photo Correction plugin by athentech

With Perfectly Clear 2.0 you can make the most of 20 automated modifications that will aid to create out the very best in the most picture. Photos you once believed were meant for that trash bin receive another opportunity to shine. It is simple to and rapidly restore the facts in these shadows or alter the colour stability of a picture. Having a few quick clicks, you can change the feel and look of an image.

And also the greatest part concerning the entire plan, its ability to help you save time through the elimination of being caught behind a PC monitor performing countless hours of editing. Using the ability to modify the photo shoots you’re ready to invest extra time shooting. With further editing application, you can order change, which is just effective if you have the same or equal light conditions. Modify your conditions and the batch edit comes apart making one to return in and do many batch edits, which takes time.

Have a look at the perfectly clear plugin

With Perfectly Clear’s new plug-in, you can put up one custom formula (or select from standard presets) with one-click, use that method towards the order of pictures. These saves you time and the disappointment of manual editing. Fresh and updated algorithms consider the changing light of every picture by watching every individual pixel in each picture and alter as required, to provide you with precisely the picture you noticed whenever you got the chance.

Perfectly Clear 2.0 is just a very efficient software that’s exclusively focused on fixing image distortions your camera along with other software packages put on your pictures. Perfectly Clear software isn’t a filter or improving the program. It merely discusses the information of the initial file and utilising extremely efficient calculations designed especially for photography to fix disturbances that allow for the pictures to represent that which you noticed whenever you produced the first photo.

The largest new function within the Perfectly Clear 2.0 plugins may be the built in beautifying engine, which supplies face improvements which have been obtainable in the Perfectly Clear iOS application for a while.

Enhance offers handy one-click presets that use facial recognition application to use modifications instantly, so not just may your pictures place, but with automatic face enhancing your workflow is a lot faster.

Auto Photo Correction plugin actions beautify

The facial recognition is rather smart and features the capability to determine era, sex, and functions for example skin feel/tone so that your benefits will soon be as distinctive as your topics. To know more about perfectly clear plugins visit this link

Why you need to get perfectly clear plugin…..

The user interface is spontaneous and straightforward to use. For all those of you that use Adobe’s Lightroom, you’ll maintain the commonplace. From top-to-bottom, you can go through custom sliders. You have sliders for publicity, colour modification, red eye reduction and attention improvements. You are able to produce the comprehensive search for your pictures.

In the beginning, people have been stunned by Perfectly Clear’s instant changes. I still believe it provides an easy method to get your images seeking better with least work. And its adjustable sliders allow you to fine-tune to taste. But when the preliminary bedazzlement passed, I recognized that one would be able to do everything the plugin does with regular picture software—sharpening, comparison, shade, and sound reduction—and occasionally with greater benefits than you receive with this particular $200 add in.

Obviously, together with your regular photo-editing application alone, you will have to bother with sliders and changes a little more to obtain these outcomes; you won’t only make it happen by striking auto correct.

This pack is suitable for Mac and Windows systems and contains specific plug-ins for both Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in addition to for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Corel PaintShop Pro. It’s shipped on an 8GB SDHC memory.

This bundled version of perfectly clear software contains specific plugins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.7 or later in addition to Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC; Photoshop Elements 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13; and, for Windows systems, Corel PaintShop Pro X5, X6 and X7.

Typical features of an auto photo correction plugin or auto editing software.

Ease of Use

The great thing about auto editing software like the perfectly clear plugin is that it is incredibly easy to use. You may have heard some horror stories about how difficult some editors are to use. That’s not the case. The most auto editing software is simple and straightforward. In most cases, you just choose the result you want, and the program does the rest.

For example, we’ve all seen someone in a photograph with a red eye. That’s an annoying result of a flash reflecting off of the back of a person’s eyes. It makes their eyes glow and, in some cases, look red. If you want to remove a red-eye from your photo, you only call up the photo in question, press a button and the software takes care of the rest. It automatically detects the offending part of the code containing the red-eye and alters it. So, you can get a perfect picture.

Different Effects

An auto photo correction software can also easily apply photographic effects to any image you might have. Say you have a colour picture, but you want to see what it looks like in black and white. All you have to do is push the appropriate button. And in less than a second you can convert your colour picture into a black and white shot.

If you decide you don’t like that photo in black and white, you can revert the changes. And get the original picture back as good as new. You can try out many different one button effects and only keep the ones you like. It’s a great use of technology and the fact that many photo editors are available online for free makes it only better. So what are you waiting for? Start improving your photography by using the auto-editing software today.

Memory Card

A photo editing plugins like the perfectly clear plugin is a piece of software that works on your computer. It manipulate the digital images taken by your camera. It’s because your images are digital that an auto photo correction can work in the first place. As you know, a digital camera doesn’t require film. Instead of using a light sensitive strip of celluloid to capture an image, a digital camera converts the image itself into binary code – a series of “1”s and “0”s.

This code stored as information on your camera’s memory card. When you view the picture, your camera, your computer or another device only reconvert the code back into a visual image. This is a one-to-one conversion with no loss of quality since the picture itself is simply data. Because of this, you can easily edit your photographs if a mistake shows up after the fact. Per your instruction, the software neatly, and nearly automatically, trims off the parts of the code that you don’t want. While retaining the parts that you do want. The result is a clean and clear picture every time.

Cropping and Composition

You might be wondering what types of mistakes or imperfections an auto photo editor can correct. First, auto editing software can very easily crop a photo. Cropping refers to the process of resizing a picture so as to leave parts of the picture out of the frame. In a way, cropping is a method to recompose the structure of the entire shot.

The composition itself is the idea that how you place objects within the frame of the photo. It has a direct effect on how pleasing the picture is to the eye. When you crop one side of a photo it has the effect of moving the subject’s placement in the picture. This, in turn, alters the composition and makes the image more symmetrical. With increased symmetry, the picture looks better.

Cropping a photo can also remove objects and people from the photo that you no longer want there. Remember our photobomber from earlier? Well, you can crop him right out of the picture. How about a picture of some beautiful scenery that also happens to contain your no longer desirable ex? Through the magic of auto photo correction plugin, the scenery remains, but your ex is now more historical than ever.

By now, I believe you definitely know what you want. And it’s obvious you want to make use of the auto photo correction software. Then why not visit this link learn more about the software and get yours today.


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