While You Were Asleep


A possible dream of mine

I closed the door as easily as I could. And yet, despite my precautions, the door handle made a little “click” … My breathing freezes ; I was afraid not to be woken you up.

Because you were in search of the lost dreams…



A blurred vision of love

If you knew, my beloved one, how many times I woke up during the night so I could look at you! Every time I had my head resting in the palm of my hand and through the dimmed light of our room I admired your arms thinking they were made of ivory; I watched your sweet face and to me seemed to radiate light just like a candle in a church altar; I gently touched your skin – I was afraid not to wake by doing it – and I sighed, fascinated by it softness …

And my love for you was bigger than our room where you laid asleep!


Beloved forms and shapes

There were nights with full moon. And our room was filled up to the ceiling with a light made of cold and silver; it was then when my eyes were thirsty and reached out for your body shape; I admired your forms and your contours; I gently fondled your hair that was shinning like a piece of jade in the silence of the night; and I was fascinated by what I saw!

I wanted to tell you how much I love you…

But you were so asleep …!


A love soaked in moonlight

I got off of bed after my mind and my body were fully filled by your body image, being asleep; I went to the wide open window of our room and I took a deep breath; the scorching heat of the night and the ripe odors of the summer were deeply bitten of my senses; I lit a cigarette and I slowly turned my head once again to you: you still were asleep …

I have strange dreams sometimes; I could wake up with my heart galloping – or I am on the edge of a crazy laughing other times; I wanted to tell you all of them; each and every time I took a deep breath as I wanted a declamations, but the words did not dare to go out in the gloomy atmosphere …

Because every time I looked at you I noticed you were asleep …


While you were asleep I loved you so much

You’ll never know about those nights. Because you were never awake to see that so-in-love look I got into my eyes, or I listen to the whispers of the varlet was telling to his beloved Princess he was serving; nights remained ordinary “nights” and the moon, with its huge cold disc – remained still distant; was only me the one who so blurred dark shapes and I was alone when the words chocked me but yet they remained hooked inside of me, refusing to come out.


A reason for being awake at night sometimes

There were countless nights like those ones and I have smoked a lot in the window frame.

And yet you were long asleep…


I left you my dreams and my sleepless nights. Everything is there – on that side of bed I used to lay down


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