A Life Worth Living

I am happy! My soul is singing! I am a bird that found a nest. It was a long trip until I found it. I flew with the wind blowing against me; I flew in the dark and I flew in the cold. Sometimes I felt tired, but I kept flying.

My short article was published in Lens Magazine. It is here, http://lensmagazine.net, among some other amazing stories! I am glad I’ve written it; because I wanted to share “something” with the readers. There was an urge of creation; there was a compulsion of writing… And there was no place for it… Until now!

I am grateful every time I  can grab the camera and I can roam the City. Because I see things nobody else could see; and I hear words nobody else could understand. And I am more than happy to return those secrets to the people I’ve heard from, and I am passionate to return those images back to the City.

I have so many things to share…! And I am blissful each time I can do it!…

Lens Magazine_CataLens Magazine_Cata2Lens Magazine_Cata3Lens Magazine_Cata4Lens Magazine_Cata5


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