Hello there!…

My name is Catalin (it was given by my parents…) Croitoru (that came from the in the family, from my father, and from my grandfather…). I am old enough to go to school to change my habits and passions and hobbies – but I am young enough at the inside to pursue each one of these hobbies and passions and to keep my habits alive…!

I worked for more than 14 years in Media field – as writing journalist.

I have a B.S. in “Civil Engineering” – a diploma that makes me able to build up your future home or condo, or to fix up the highway your passing over everyday when you go to work and when you return back home.

I have moved in Montreal Area – slash – Quebec – slash – Canada eight years ago (I remember the day: it was a Tuesday, March 1st). I performed a lot of jobs since, some low, some in the middle – but I never managed to fly… I was only crawling or knees walking.

Two years back I decided to express myself and to cry out VERY LOUD thru my pictures. Because I do love to press the shutter-release…! And I die to capture people on the streets! And because I have something to tell… ALWAYS!

I am open to any comments (as long as these comments will be made in a decent way using a nice vocabulary) and suggestions (same as before…).




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